The Sunjays

The sun drenched indie rock trio The Sunjays formed in 2014. After years of struggling in different bands, the three met in a recording studio while working on different projects. Fond of the diy-philosophy and lo-fi music the trio gathered for the first rehearsals and soon formed the band.

They merge their different musical backgrounds into a straight sensitive but energetic sound with a dose of space , little psychedelic 60s elements, and vocals that combine the charming nostalgic acoustic centrifugal forces and send it back to earth. Captivating simplicity in a complicated world.


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EP | Oct. 7, 2016

Apples is a small powerhouse of marvelous Indie-Rock songs. The Sunjays are spiralling through the eclectic vocabulary of Indie Rock and add their very own compelling attributes. Think The Velvet Underground with jet engines, Pavement with a way better hangover and Sonic Youth with loads more kraut. The Sunjays are three guys on guitar, bass guitar and drums. They melt down musical ideas into an arrowhead that aims fully on the centre of the indie-loving brainstem.

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Cant'Stand/Not Today

Single - Dec 4th, 2015

After releasing their first single in July 2015, which aired on several indie radio stations all over the world, this is the follow up to their vinyl debut.

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Beach Trip/Slow Speed

7" Single - July 3rd, 2015

They made their debut on vinyl in 2015 with a single (BeachTrip/ Slow Speed) produced by friends of the group Gerd Mauff and Chris Brown and released on the bands own label, Acid Cat Records, on July 3rd, 2015.